First stop – Paso Robles

Made it to Paso Robles in just over 3 hours. Traffic getting out of the Bay Area was insane, of course, being a Friday afternoon. But thanks to the beautify of lane splitting I was able to keep cruising through, even when traffic was at a dead stop.

Made it to my hotel, unpacked the bike…


…and headed to the venue, which was beautiful.


And it was a perfect night for a show.


Strangest thing… when I bought my ticket, according to the seating chart on Ticketmaster it looked like I was going to be 12-15 rows back, in row EE. But when I got to my row tonight, it was 5 rows from the front, and with the way the rows arched around, and my seat being the last one on the end, I was actually, somehow, front row. I couldn’t believe it.


Could not have been happier with my seat. It was amazing.

The venue wouldn’t let me in with my real camera so all I got were iPhone pics, but they’ll have to do.

IMG_9787 IMG_9799 IMG_9817 IMG_9827

Unbelievable show. So, so good. Wow.


~ by robertwindel on June 6, 2015.

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