Day 2 – Paso Robles to Vegas

Been a while, old friend.


Only 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night but that’s par for the course lately. My room was lacking coffee of any kind (oh, the humanity) so I shook the fog off and headed out. Denny’s was a beacon of light shining through the darkness.

Today it’s a 400 mile bomb through the Mojave to Vegas.





Really doing my best on this trip to not get a sunburned nose. I always end up like Rudolph. We’ll see how long I make it. Sunblock isn’t enough on days where it’s all sun all day so I busted out the hanky.





The heat got to be too much with the jacket and gloves on so I went down to just a t-shirt. Felt great!


Pulled into Mario’s around 4:15. Great to be here!




~ by robertwindel on June 6, 2015.

One Response to “Day 2 – Paso Robles to Vegas”

  1. I smiled at the ‘Oh the humanity’. A favorite saying at my house. Ride safe.

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