Mt Hood / Hood River

Felt the need for an adventure yesterday, so I went up to Mt. Hood for a little hiking, and then on to Hood River for lunch.

Zig Zag Falls.  This is a stitch of 8 images.

Road to Hood

Mt Hood

Happy to see Missoula representing up on Mt Hood!

I was really surprised to see people were still skiing and snowboarding in July!

Lift tickets are still $54…  kind of expensive if you ask me

Luckily there was more snow up top!

One last shot of Mt Hood before I left for Hood River.  This was a stitch of 6 images.

Lunch in Hood River.

After lunch I went down to the river to check out some wind surfing

~ by robertwindel on July 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mt Hood / Hood River”

  1. Wow, beautiful. You captured the natural beauty and creativity of our Maker. And to know that He did it all,including Mt. Hood, in just 6 days. Thank you for caring to share what only the “trained eye” sees; the casual hiker blindly strolls by and treads upon what you capture on film.

  2. Thank you so much Robert. These are beautiful. Hope everything is well w/ you. We sure miss you documenting the Goo tour. Take care.

  3. Bob, how’s the new job going? I miss your photos :)

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