A Walk Around the Neighborhood Pt II

All these photos were taken within two square blocks of our house. I love our neighborhood!


~ by robertwindel on June 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “A Walk Around the Neighborhood Pt II”

  1. bob, for a guy….i love that you have a great eye for the pretty things :) (that’s a good thing by the way!) I love the little baskety thing made out of sticks…and the squirrel!!!! cute.

  2. You love the beauty of your neighborhood because, while others look, you SEE. Thank you for sharing what you SEE.

  3. oh man, i am such a nerd for plants, and these pictures are gorgeous. you’re lucky to live somewhere so beautiful!

  4. I love them and especially the last one of the squirrel !!
    Awesome photos I love them.. Oh wait I said that already !

  5. Robert, these are gorgeous! SO lush. Positively fragrant! I see why you love it there so much.

  6. Thank you for reminding a girl right down the road in Milwaukie, OR. what I have right in front of me. Beautiful Pics.

  7. Bob, more pictures please! I miss them.

  8. Robert, I heard you stayed on w/ the Goos, at least for the Atlantic City show. What’s the plan? Do we get to keep you after all?

    • I stayed on through the 4th of July gig in Philly, which was always the plan. Now I’m at home, enjoying two weeks off before I start the next chapter.

      • We’re happy for you, but I gotta admit that that we were thrilled at the possibility that you might stay on. All the best!

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