Day 42 – Des Moines, IA | Show Day

Today’s venue takes the cake. Out of all the places we’ve been so far, none compare to the beauty of the 7 Flags Event Center. Capacity is 3,000.

This is the sign over the front door of the venue. Gorgeous!

Feast your eyes…

Look at all the intricacies!

Jason writing a song about the magnificence of the venue.



~ by robertwindel on May 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Day 42 – Des Moines, IA | Show Day”

  1. Thanks for posting. Always look forward to getting them! This venue looks like a warehouse. I hope the acoustics work out…but the guys could perform out of a paper bag and still sound good. Just wondering how the venue worked out at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, OH? I have been requesting for the GGD to play there for about 5 years. So happy to have them perform so close to home. Hope they were good to you. It looked like a full house that night. Best regards!

  2. Robert! You’re getting spoiled! As long as the acoustics aren’t terrible, it’ll be fine. I promise, when it’s filled up with band, crew & fans it will become beautiful.

  3. super posh!!

  4. My dear Jason, looks like you had some wee(ir)d exp., too – lol … guess the song sounds a little bit like J.H.

  5. I love Jason’s buff calf!

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