Day 24 – Memphis, TN | Show Day

Today we’re at the Beale Street Music Festival. Our day started off slow (2 hours late loading in due to the incompetence of the local production) but we pulled it off.

The back of the Budweiser stage:

The B52’s are on before us.

The forecast is for rain, and we’re prepared for the worst.

Monitor world x 3

The plywood loading dock isn’t holding up so well…

A portable Best Buy!

Eye in the sky

Hippie shopping

The sky is different every few minutes.

Blues Traveler opened up on one of the other stages. I didn’t have the energy to fight my way to the front, so I took one shot and left.

The crowd is ready for the Goo’s!

~ by robertwindel on April 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Day 24 – Memphis, TN | Show Day”

  1. I look forward to your updates every day. I will miss them when the tour is over. Never realized what a ridiculous amount of work is involved in touring. Bet it can be alot of fun, too. I admire the whole crew tremendously!

  2. Did you sell a bunch of grilled cheese and garlic sandwiches to all the hippies?

  3. nice picture of the water

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