Day 17 – Greensboro, NC

Most people probably don’t understand how days off work out here on the road. We head out after the truck is packed the night before  -usually around 2 am-  and drive through the night.  Sometimes it’s a 12 hour drive, sometimes it’s a 2 hour drive. Last night we had a 3-4 hour drive, which put us at our destination around 5 am. So you wake up on the bus and go into the front lounge to see if there are room keys waiting on the table. Sometimes everyone’s room is ready immediately, sometimes only a few are ready, other times there are none available til the afternoon.  This morning there were 3 room keys waiting, none of which had my name on them. So, you sit and you wait, or you go back to bed, or you go for a walk. It could be 3:00 by the time you get into a room. Today I went across the parking lot to the mall where there was nothing interesting, but at least it killed some time. Eventually you always end up back at home base… the bus.

You can sit and complain about how there are no rooms ready, and wonder why they don’t buy the rooms the night before so they’re all available regardless of when you get in, but out here there’s generally a positive attitude all around, so we make the best of it. Andy and Sam enjoying conversation and a cup of coffee.

As I was heading back out to find some breakfast, Jimmy came out of the hotel and handed me my room key…

All the waiting pays off when you get to your room, take a shower, lay in a real bed, watch the large flatscreen TV, and log on to free high speed internet!

7:30 pm – the view from my window.

I’m a sucker for symmetry.


~ by robertwindel on April 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Day 17 – Greensboro, NC”

  1. Yay, welcome to Greensboro! Be sure to check out Elm Street downtown if you get some free time…there’s a decent amount of cool stuff there. Love the blog!

  2. great, day in the life, of a tour day, Robt thanks for the great pictures and commentary, the road takes you away with all the mystism that awaits each day

  3. Welcome to Greensboro!

  4. Thank you Robert for all of this. It’s very enjoyable! Tell me, do you find fans waiting by the crew buses to meet you all now? Because that’s where I’d be. Thanks again…

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