Day 15 – Richmond, VA

Today is day one of two days off – loving it!

It’s a beautiful day – weather couldn’t be more perfect.  I enjoyed a long walk around, with no map, no plan, just wandered around with my camera and my iPod.

The hotel

This is what I love about photography… you never know when a new portfolio shot is waiting over your shoulder.  As I was editing yesterday, I turned around for some reason to look out the window and saw an amazing scene:

Last night BK cooked up some UNBELIEVABLE food on the bus.  This was the second night in a row he treated us to his fine cooking.

And Sam made some amazing guacamole.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

Sooo good.  Thanks, fellas!

I’m backing up all my data right now, cloning, and… backing up my backup.  For those of you who aren’t regularly backing up your hard drive(s), let me once again say YOU SHOULD BE!  Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.  But this is something that is so simple to do and can save a lot of unnecessary grief.  I recommend Carbon Copy Cloner, but there’s plenty of other free software available to keep yourself safe from the tragedy of losing everything when (notif) your hard drive crashes.


~ by robertwindel on April 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Day 15 – Richmond, VA”

  1. wow.
    this is some incredible photography

  2. That hotel is gorgeous! Are those three poles supposed to hold flags or are they decorative spikes?

  3. I can’t tell what buildings you took pics of downtown! Check out the monumments on monument avenue. They should make some nice pics. If you want some good pizza go to Bottom’s Up Pizza. If you hear a very loud rumbling sound while there, don’t worry it’s just the train overhead! Check out the waterline on the wall and ask a local about tropical storm Gaston. I’m sure you will get a good story.
    Hope you are enjoying your days off in Richmond and the locals are being kind to you.

  4. Hope you have time to make Peoria, IL look this good when you’re here next month. :)

  5. Excellent photos!

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