Day 11 – Hampton Beach, NH

Today is a day off in Hampton Beach.  We woke up this morning to find a nice view outside of the bus.  We were literally parked on the beach!

I thought “nice, we’re right on the ocean – this is great!”  So I took a walk.  Unfortunately, the sights weren’t as picturesque as I thought they’d be.

The first thing I came across past the hotel was an arcade that had been burned almost completely to the ground.

The fire was so hot it melted the siding on the building across the street!

As I kept walking, I realized everything was shut down for the season.  It felt pretty desolate.

Even McDonald’s is boarded up.

The town is in pretty rough shape…

But as with any place, there were some cool, random things around.

And being right on the ocean, there’s lobster!


~ by robertwindel on April 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Day 11 – Hampton Beach, NH”

  1. i spy a dupont logo under the melted siding. probably not the type of publicity they were hoping for. i love these pictures. the vacant town looks so eerie.

  2. love all your pics

  3. ahh the water sun, sand, water yes the casino is beautiful

  4. as I scrolled too the rest of the pictures , wanted to say thanks for the expose of the shores life when the season is over, brings the reality of live by the sea tnx again

  5. Hampton Beach at the hieght of summer is a sight to behold. Ultimate trashy beach experience.

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