Day 8 – Wilkes Barre, PA

Today’s gig: the Kirby Theater in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA.  Capcity: 2,047

Our truck, stacked to the gills.  I’ve never seen this much gear fit into one truck!

The load in

It’s a tight fit today

It’s a nice little theater…

The lobby

Gotta start out with a good breakfast


There are a few guitars over on stage right…

Mike’s view

John’s view


~ by robertwindel on April 11, 2010.

7 Responses to “Day 8 – Wilkes Barre, PA”

  1. What a great blog! I love those kind of venues. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  2. Gorgeous photography! The venue is incredibly beautiful! Thank you for posting! That is going to be the best show ever. Happy Sunday!

  3. You have a great eye! Love your behind the scenes pictures, they’re worth a thousand words as they say. I’ve loved these guys for a long time – I think you may just have THE best job in the world, thanks for letting us in :)

  4. nice pics I didn’t see Paul at FOH where is he hiding when you snap? He was at the goos buffalo studio the other day. I have been there once. Get some snaps of Paul at work please. Say hi to John hope to have dinner when he gets to New England.

  5. nice venue the show is going to be goo

  6. Thanks Robert for keeping us in the loop! What a great gif you have. Say hi to the guys! You all stay safe. Can’t wait to see your future pictures.

  7. WOWZA…cannot believe ALL that gear fit into a truck!! Looked at all your pixs on your blog. You have quite the eye. Love love love that you are doing this for us. It takes up alot of your much valued time, I’m sure. Please know that we all appreciate it!!

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