Day 6 – Oswego, NY

What a great little town.  This is the kind of place I was looking forward to when we started this tour.  I saw “Oswego, NY” on the itinerary a month ago and thought “how cool … I’ve never even heard of Oswego!”  I love being in new places.  I’d rather be up here in this little town of 18,000 people than down in New York City.  NYC is great, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been there more times than I can count.

Oswego didn’t let me down.  Lots of local flavor and charm here.  It’s located right on Lake Ontario, which is cold and angry today.  When we left North Carolina last night it was 70 degrees.  When we stepped off the bus this morning it was 41.  Little bit of a shock to the system.  But I didn’t let the cold keep me in – I was ready to explore.

The hotel from the other side of the river…

Lake Ontario at the end of the canal…

I came across this pub, which looked enticing, but it was closed so I moved on.

There are a lot of cool little details around this town…

Love how old it feels here.

And then another pub… and again, it was closed…

This place must be awesome in summer.  I want to come back some day in August or September.

The canal is lined with rocks that are held into place by basically a chain link fence.

The clouds were so cool today – a photographer’s dream!


~ by robertwindel on April 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Day 6 – Oswego, NY”

  1. Hi Robert! I’m Brandon..I’m from Oswego but living near Pittsburgh now..the time to be on Oswego is the end of July..there’s a 3 day party in the city called harborfest..all kinds of music and the place is packed..check our the site at it’s a blast..especially for music lovers..planning on going back up for that..heading back to Pitt now..we drove up to see the goos on Oswego..go there all the time..and know all kinds of great spots for photography..and for the Pittsburgh area as ever want a guide to show you around Pitt and Oswego or just suggestions on where to go feel free to contact me anytime..always looking for new internet friends..have a good a safe rest of tour Brandon green Oswego ny/Pittsburgh pa also I’m a huge music buff and a local soundguy..always looking to talk about music and gear!

  2. Also if you do make it back to Oswego there’s an old fort called fort Ontario to check out that’s been there since the 1800’s really cool place..only about a half mile from that hotel in your picture

  3. gee very nice town old world charm should fit the Goo sound like a charm, thanks for the tour

  4. I love your pictures! Are all those guitars for real? Are they re-strung daily! Incredible! The sights of loading in and loading out, the transformation of a venue is fascinating! Keep blogging because I love it! And I love you! Louie

  5. Hey, Bob. Here’s some deferred gratification for you. The archives where I work has records relating to a large camp for European refugees during World War II. The idea was to send them all back to Europe after the war ended, but the locals clamored to let them stay. This was long before the U.S. had any formal refugee policy. (Bet your blog doesn’t get many history comments!) Dave K

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