Day 4 – Wilmington, NC

Another day off!  We’re about 1/4 mile from Target, so that’s the main destination for a lot of us today.  Target on a day off is great.  You can stock up on all the little things (socks, t-shirts, Cliff bars, maybe a spare hard drive…) that are hard to come by anywhere else, and it’s also a chance to step back into normal life for a bit.  As soon as you walk in the door you get the feeling that you’re back at home, just running an errand like anyone else.  Normalcy.  It’s hard to come by out on the road.  But in a place like Target the feeling that you’re 3,000 miles from home is suddenly gone.

After Target, Jason called and we were off to Best Buy, which was about a mile away.  It wouldn’t have been much of an adventure, except for the fact that there are no sidewalks around here.  Oh, and no crosswalks, so it’s like a real game of Frogger getting across any streets.  The street you have to cross to get to Target is 4 lanes wide; the one to cross to get to Best Buy is six lanes.  We were the only ones on foot – people in their cars looked at us like we were crazy!

As soon as we were inside Best Buy we b-lined it for the iPads!

These things are really cool, no doubt about it.  But being that I already have an iPad Nano (iPhone) in my pocket, I think I’ll hold off.

Then it was over to the cameras.  Jason was in the market for a new one, so we geeked out for a while.  He ended up with a Canon S90, a great little camera that shoots in RAW and goes down to f/2.0.  Ben Moon was the first one who told me about these and I’ve wanted one ever since.  Now I can play with Jason’s, so I don’t need to buy one til the tour is over!

Next on the shopping list: a new camcorder.

He went with a Canon FS30 – the thing is a powerful little camera.  It even has 8GB of internal flash memory.  It’ll be fun to play around with!


~ by robertwindel on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Day 4 – Wilmington, NC”

  1. Hey there Robert,

    I made it to your blog thanks to Robby!

    Just gotta say that this blog it cool! Thanks for taking us backstage in everything related to the tour and beyond.

    Thanks also for the camera help. I’m going to look into the Canon S90 that you mentioned in your blog. I’m looking into a new one myself. Also I would like to have a word with Jason since I’m a newbie in the Mac world! It’s been an easy transition so far! :)

    Hope to get to meet ya on this tour! My first show will be next wkend in Erie-coming up from Tx for that since it’s my birthday show! :D Have fun on the road! :D

    Stay cool! :D

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