Day 3 – Augusta, GA

The gig today is The First Tee of Augusta, which apparently has something to do with the Masters, which is played on the most prestigious golf course in the country, across the road from here.

We have no access to anything to do with the Masters, which is a little disappointing.  I was hoping to get my dad a nice polo shirt or at least a hat or something with the Masters logo, but there’s no sign of swag anywhere.  In fact, I haven’t seen a single poster, flier, or even golf ball that has anything to do with the Masters.  To find out what this show has to do with the famous golf tournament I had to do some digging.  Turns out, this event, called ROCK FORE! DOUGH “takes place every year on the Tuesday night of Masters on The First Tee of Augusta’s driving range and has raised over $330,000 to date … for a program that teaches life skills through the game of golf to children.  Artists get to meet with kids from The First Tee program before the event and hear about what they like about golf and music.”

The view backstage from catering…

The golf course behind catering…

Load in was quick and easy.  It was nice to wear shorts again.  Besides the dense pollen that covered the stage and made it a little slippery, it felt like a standard outdoor summer show.  No complaints there!

Totally random shot, but…  My favorite high hat mic… a Neumann KM184.  Like butta!

A shot of Sam the Canadian drum tech…

Good turnout here on a beautiful evening.  The weather couldn’t be more perfect!

After my post the other day with a couple shots of the outside of the bus, I got quite a few emails asking to see inside.  Since most people reading this have never been on a tour bus, I figured why not.

The front lounge, complete with two flatscreen TV’s, surround stereo system, kitchen and bathroom.

The bunk area… this is where we sleep.  It’s the same for anyone who lives on these things – as soon as the bus starts rolling, you sleep like a baby.

The back lounge, also complete with two flatscreen TV’s, surround stereo system, and Jason’s Western Digital Media Player (best addition to the bus).

Opposite view of the back lounge.  Pretty cool to see your own photography on the walls!  I took those shots on the Goo Goo Dolls ’07 world tour.  The owner of the bus, the amazing John Duva, was our driver back then and became a fan of my work.

The details are what make these buses stand apart from one another.  This is the entryway…

All the amenities are quality…

Even the bathroom makes it feel more like home than a typical tour bus…

It’s a beautiful bus and we’re all really happy with it.  We’re also extremely happy with our driver, Ed!


~ by robertwindel on April 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day 3 – Augusta, GA”

  1. Hey – just wanted to say I LOVE your photography! Especially that last pic you have of Jason at the end, and the one’s of the cement sewer pipes, and the LAX shots… very nice. You’ve got a wonderful eye and I can feel your passion in your photos… I’ll be watching the tour from my desk here in San Diego. Hope you have a great ride. Jason’s Aunt Lisa

  2. Pick me up! I’ll ride with you guys!

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