Day 2 – Columbia, SC

Today was a day off.  These are days on the road where I get paid to do whatever I want.  I like days off.

The plan for today was to do a lot of walking, but due to the heat -85 degrees- and poor planning on my part -only pair of shorts are in my workbox on the truck- I didn’t make it very far.  But the main thing on my to-do list was to mail my mom a tour book (itinerary), so the post office was my destination, which was only 1/2 mile away.

I walked through downtown and was really surprised by how hard Columbia has been hit by the economic downturn.  Everywhere you look, stores are closed.  On average, one business per block is still open, but most are deserted.  No sign of new businesses coming in.  It was eerily quiet.

There were cars around, but no people.  Weird.

Even this massive skyscraper was abandoned…  Just kidding, I don’t think it was.

But don’t worry about the Post Office – it wasn’t hurting for business.  There was a huge line of course.  Btw, what did we do while standing in line for 20 minutes before iPhones??

I saw this guy on the walk back to the hotel.  He’s filling a water bottle from the fountain, apparently really needing some water!  Click on the image for a larger view.

I had lunch with my good friend Jason, who asked a lot of great questions about photography – mostly technical questions about cameras and lenses.  It was fun to geek out with someone who was really interested in learning about it.  We covered ISO, aperture, shutter speed, camera makes and models, prime and zoom lenses, even a little discussion on the ethics of photography.  I love talking about this stuff!  Jason is an extremely intelligent guy, so it made teaching about as easy as it gets.  You say something once and he’s got it – move on to the next subject.  After our discussion he took this photo of me.  I took the liberty of color correcting it for him.

After lunch I came back to my room and got caught up on moving all this week’s photos to my photo drive, then cloning that drive to a backup, and then cloning my laptop drive.  If you aren’t backed up and you want to keep what’s on your computer (photos, videos, music, etc) then BACK UP your data.  If you don’t you’re playing with fire.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Masters.  I’m really curious to see how close they let us to the course!  Maybe Tiger will want to play a round…


~ by robertwindel on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “Day 2 – Columbia, SC”

  1. I don’t think the recent economy is totally to blame for the vacant downtown. It’s been a long time coming and sad to watch.

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