Yesterday was Leaving Day – time to hit the road, literally.  Had to say goodbye to Traci, the dogs, the house, Portland… goodbye to normal life for the next 10 weeks.  But good things are ahead and I’m ready for my adventure.  A new city every morning.  I’m especially looking forward to all the places right here in the US that I’ve never been to.  It’s rare to hit so many towns I’ve never heard of in the US after 9 years of traveling.  Also going to see a lot of friends in different places who I haven’t seen in a long time.  Always a good thing.

It was a beautiful day yesterday – sun was shining, birds were chirping, temperature was just right.  I sat out on the front porch, enjoying the day with the dogs for 20 minutes before the cab came, giving them love and telling them I’d be home as soon as I can.  But it was finally time to put them inside, close the door behind me and head out.

While waiting for the cab I noticed thousands of dew drops on the grass – the sun was lighting them up perfectly. Click on the picture to see the “real” image.

I took a step back and got a shot of the house.  I wanted a plain and simple view of home to look at.  (love Bella in the bottom left corner)

Snix is definitely going for a rock star look these days…

When did fortunes turn into “say it nicely” personal flaw finger pointing?


~ by robertwindel on April 2, 2010.

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