Tech Day

Had a really good, productive day today.  We worked from 9 am – 10 pm and I think we’re all feeling pretty much ready to go for the band tomorrow.
Really felt good to be back at it.  First thing was first: the new Sennheiser wireless rack!

This thing is sexy – all brand new units that network together and are configurable via laptop.  So much easier than dealing with the menus on the front of each individual unit.
Sennheiser kind of dropped the ball and forgot to send the RF unit that scans the airwaves for dirty frequencies, but they’re sending it tomorrow so no worries.
Let me show you around my office…

Patch world
Our new sleek rack mounted J-box
Two stage racks in one case… very nice
Now for introductions…

First and foremost, our Tour Manager, Matt
And our new Production Manager, Jimmy
Keyboard / guitar / saxophone tech and Apple guru, Jason
New Lighting Designer, Scott
Drum Tech / Playback Engineer, Sam
Monitor / Audio System Tech, Justin
Borrowed temporarily from Pearl Jam, sitting in at Front of House, Greg
And last but not least… on Lead Guitar, Brad
Plenty more crew for you to meet, but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with 20 crew shots on the first day.

It’s already after midnight and I’ve got another long day tomorrow so I’ll sign off for now.  But I’ll leave you with some random shots from around the rehearsal space…


~ by robertwindel on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Tech Day”

  1. Hi Bob! Great photos of our gear. It’s terrific to see the new G3’s look like supermodels :) The SR300 G3 bodypacks do not work with the WSM software. Only rack mount rxs can do scans. I suspect that at this time, the bodypack txs are too small for the scan technology to be included. I’ll pass your request on to our engineers in Germany! Kjo*

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