Made it to LA after a quick, non-eventful flight.  I was stoked to find that my new Think Tank case fits in the smallest overhead bin out there!  Big relief, as I find myself on a lot of small planes.

I read the new Nat’l Geographic on the plane – interesting to read about the planet’s water depletion and what different countries and corporations are doing about it.  Example: Pepsi Corp is washing potatoes for their Frito Lay potato chips using the water that’s naturally found in the potatoes, reducing their water usage by 42%.  Some amazing stuff going on, but we still have a long way to go.

Anyway, beautiful weather down here as usual.  No clouds, no wind, 70 degrees… but also nothing particularly interesting to look at.  It’s always hard to photograph down here because everything is brown and drab.

But then there’s always the palm trees…

And Bob’s Big Boy…

Our tech day starts nice and early tomorrow.  8:00 lobby call to head over to Center Staging to get everything ready for the band on Friday.  I’m ready to get to work!

~ by robertwindel on March 25, 2010.

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