Eagles Tour Slideshow

I put together this video slideshow from two years worth of photos from touring with the Eagles.  The images aren’t in any particular order, but I kind of like the randomness of it.  Usually I’m more meticulous about the order of things, but this time I threw all that out.  The main focus of the slideshow is highlighting the crew more than the places we went.  I have hundreds of images of all the places we found ourselves in, but the intent here was to show all the people that make up a crew for a huge touring machine such as the Eagles.

Music is by Pretty Lights.


~ by robertwindel on March 20, 2010.

One Response to “Eagles Tour Slideshow”

  1. Just watched this video ya know I wanted to let you know that when I go to a concert prior to them coming on stage I do take notice of all the hard work such as lighting,amps,stage,sound the whole nine yards.. You are what makes these live concerts even more special..so id like to say thank you for all your hard work.. this person notices..:) love kim:)

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