Beach Place (Puget Sound, WA)

I’ll write later -it’s too nice outside to be working on my laptop much longer- but I wanted to post some pictures from today. Tra and I have been geeking out all day with her new camera! It’s AMAZING! Happy Birthday Tra!

Traci, Foster the lover, and Peg
The bridge to Treasure Island
Traci with her new Canon 40D :)
When the tide goes out, any boats left on shore are landlockedJellyfishA heart in natureWhat a beautiful spot to spend the holiday weekend. Thanks for inviting me Tra, and thanks for having us Justin and Peg!

~ by robertwindel on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Beach Place (Puget Sound, WA)”

  1. BEAUTIFUL SHOTS! Love the one of the boat in the water; opposed to the one out of water ;) Holy camera!! :)

  2. You win best photo for the weekend! The shot of the yellow flowers is still my favorite :)

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