Today we went to Gelora Bung Karno stadium to film “The Call.” Apparently they were expecting a sold-out event with around 120,000 people, but only about 10,000 turned up. We got some good footage nonetheless. It was another hot, muggy day here in Indonesia.

Jakarta sky – 6:30 pm
Behind the stage – 7 pmOur hotel – The SultanThe lobby is like an art galleryOur camera man and technical guru Braden, with Danielle following

Tomorrow we have some final interviews to film at 9:00 am, will have lunch afterwards, and are being taken out on a tour of Jakarta at 4:00. I’ll probably head to the airport around 7:30 for my 10:15 flight. I’ve got a 24 hour journey home, which includes an 8 hour layover in Tokyo. I’m ready to get home! Traci is picking me up from the San Francisco airport and then we’re off to Albany, Oregon -an 8 hour drive- to see our friends Josh and Angela. Then up to Portland on the 21st. It’ll be a fun adventure – it’s a beautiful drive through Northern California and Oregon.

~ by robertwindel on August 18, 2008.

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