Lake Tahoe… aka, Paradise!

Tra and I drove up to Lake Tahoe Wednesday night after her photography class in Folsom. We got up to our room at the Lakeside Inn around midnight. It was a nice place – perfect for us. We woke up to a beautiful morning – not a cloud in the sky and probably 65 degrees. It felt amazing – I finally felt like I was on summer vacation, with the sun on my face, sandals on my feet, and my arm out the window as we drove around the lake. Tra did the driving, I did the hanging out the window.

We had lunch with Tra’s aunts and uncles at their cabin in King’s Beach. Great food, great conversation, great people. Really enjoyed meeting them. They had lots of questions about the Eagles – big fans.

From King’s Beach we had a quick 5 minute drive up to Ben & Tanya’s amazing house in Incline Village.

We talked with Tanya for a few hours while Ben was at work. It was so amazing hanging out on their deck, overlooking the lake on such an unbelievable day. I can’t describe it – it was …. perfection!

Their view:

Ben got home around 4:30, Aaron showed up from Reno around 5:00 and we were on the boat by 5:30. An absolutely amazing time.

Thanks again Ben for taking us out! Amazing time as always!

The next day we headed out for some photo shooting along the west shore. Neither of us got any mind-blowing results (although Tra‘s are probably better!), but enjoyed the beautiful day and each other’s company just the same.

Thanks Tra, for such an an awesome trip to Lake Tahoe!


~ by robertwindel on August 11, 2008.

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