San Antonio Hyatt Hill Country

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The Hyatt Hill Country was the opposite of the Riverwalk – really nothing to do but sit around in the pool and relax. Oh, and eat. Which was all fine with us! Love the trees here too. So cool.

The rooms are tiny.

Traci chillin’ in one of the many pools.

The view overhead at nearly all times.

The lazy river.

San Antonio Riverwalk

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We’re on a little 4 night / 5-day getaway down in San Antonio, staying on the Riverwalk the first 2 nights and then head out to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort the last 2 nights. I told Traci about the Riverwalk years ago and have been wanting to take her here ever since – stoked we’re finally doing it!

EDH to Home

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Traci drove home in the truck with the dogs (and her bike in the back) so I was solo the last 175 miles. I opted for the long way, following the Delta down to the Bay Area, avoiding freeway as long as I could. It’s great to be home, but honestly a little surreal. Were we really in Banff less than a week ago? Seems like a dream. Thanks to everyone who followed along on our adventure!


3245 glorious miles. Can’t wait to do it again some day!

McCloud to El Dorado Hills

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We avoided the freeway and opted for the long way through the woods (Lassen National Forest) to Chico. What a great ride! Chico to El Dorado Hills was hot, flat, boring and full of traffic, so no photos from that stretch. :)


Not quite, but we’re getting there!

McCloud, CA

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Traci picked the coolest spot for our final stop – the McCloud Mercantile Hotel. The place has been here since 1897! The whole town has a great vibe. Wish we had more time here. We’ll definitely be back.

Bend to McCloud

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The ride today was a little smoky.

Pendleton to Bend

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Today was fantastic. And a total surprise. We both had low expectations about riding through the high desert of Oregon, but it ended up being one of the best / funnest rides of the trip. The scenery was great, the road was amazing and we had the place completely to ourselves. Would love to do that stretch again some day.